Going Commando with TE Command Post

Dan Walter
ClDan Walter

Here I just want to show you a bit of the back office of TE Command Post so you can get an idea of how powerful this program is.

The idea behind it is to save you time by having all of your Traffic Exchanges info in one place. Then all you need do is fire up TE Command Post and check with another click, let the program load, and it will present all the Traffic Exchanges you are monitoring with available credits listed.

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TE Commando Post
TE Commando Back Office

Clicking on TE Credits brings up the second page shown here. That’s where you’ll see all of your Traffic Exchanges.

Traffic Exchanges Status
Traffic Exchanges Status

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Have a Plan in Place for Maximum Impact

Dan Walter
Dan Walter

One really important thing comes to mind when dealing with dozens of Traffic Exchanges: The need to organize. You simply have to organize your work. You have to have a plan. Each day you should have a starting point. I’m still working on my overall plan but one thing I’ve figured out is to have one Traffic Exchange that I particularly like as my lead TE. For me it’s HitSafari (for the time being). I always start my surfing from there.

To get the maximum from HitSafari I joined as a paying member which gives me a 1:1 surfing ratio. I always have it up while I’m surfing other TE. And I’m beginning to understand the importance of a program like TE Commando Post. TE Commando Post makes it possible to see all of my TE on one page. It tells me where I need to surf more by giving me a status report on each TE I’m using. It’s a great tool. I highly recommend it because it saves you from having to go into each TE and look at where you are at in that exchange. You simply fire up TE Commando Post and look from one location. You can then click a link that will take you to where you need to be surfing.

So once I have my stats up in TE Commando Post I see where I need to be but I always have HitSafari up and working on a separate notepad. So that no matter what I’m doing on my laptop I’m adding credits to my HitSafari account. It’s important to maximize your time. My notepad will go to work with me and then on breaks, I can surf HitSafari from my car. I also use my cell for this but that’s a little tricky because the images I need to click on to change the page are so small it’s easy to get the wrong one. But I’ve found that’s less likely with HitSafari then the other TE I use.

I’ve been toying with the idea of running my ads in the TE so they all work together as a narrative for telling my “story”. I’m using the Landing Page Monkey tool to create my ads quickly. Here again, time is of the essence. LPM lets me check my ad status from one location. I can edit my Landing Pages from one location very quickly.


I’ll be writing more about my approach to Traffic Exchanges in the days ahead. I just wanted to get this out there in the hopes of helping someone else formulate their own plan. Oh, and to point you to my project Follow Your Passion. My overall goal is to not only have my own program (which I will describe in the future how you can start your own) but to give participants ideas on promoting it. It’s one thing to say here, this will make you money, but without a plan to get it “out there” even great ideas rot on the vine. They need to be promoted!